scarlxrd - Mxrbid.

scarlxrd - Mxrbid.
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  • Длительность: 2:58
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  • Дата релиза: 28.04.2021
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Текст песни scarlxrd - Mxrbid.

Who gon' try attack me in my fortress?
Head gone, morbid
Aye, pussyole, run that, all of it
I didn’t see shit, blud, floor it
Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah (Come in)
(Easy) Scar, Pussy (Let's get 'em)
E-E-Ey Pulse, this shit slap'
Hate still in my veins and it’s coursing
Give a fuck about your feelings, I’m remorseless
Only care about me and my fortune
The way I move is like I lack a certain organ (Oh)
Who gon' try attack me in my fortress?
Head gone, morbid
Aye, pussyole, run that, all of it
I didn’t see shit, blud, floor it
Skid skirt, tryna get away from these problems, nigga
Skid skirt, fuck with we then it’s problems, nigga
Who’s knocking?
Back the fuck up from the door
I left fame
Double pockets, all this money got me bored
I can’t change think about it
I’ma fucking pour some more
Your dead weight drop your body
Now they chalk you on the floor
I’m dark, uh
Got a mask on I had to play the part, uh
If the plans wrong we flip it to the start, uh
Talking ransom, but you ain’t seen no opps, no
Ain’t to tough talk, we just your body rock, uh
I sleep when I’m dead until then I’m stack the pay slips
I fucking hate this
Mad at all my actions, now I’m training all my basics
Back to the mission
Fuck the pretending
Get my percentage
Do what I like
Doing shit viscous, all my decisions
Keep my efficient, move how I like
This twisted shit got me tripping, fucked up my vision
Now my cup is different, I’ve been sipping risking consistent
So keep the advice
They love when I fuck it up
Don’t you forget at my heart I’m an archetype
So keep your promises
Pull up, they staring at me with the newest design
This life is not enough
I’ma need yours, yours, yours and mine
It’s fucking obvious
I’m a machine, no soul you see in my eyes, yah
Add an extra comma to my statements
My niggas got me covered with supplies
You don’t want no drama when I’m faceless
Turn me into Jason in his prime
Way too grown to have you test my patience
Kill yourself, I can’t apologize
How y’all turn a false God to the greatest
Shit, I ain’t complaining, it’s alright (It's alright)
Shit, I ain’t complaining, it’s alright
Back, back, back the fuck up
Pussy (Scar)
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