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Sonny Flame, Unklfnkl - Hey Mama

Sonny Flame,  Unklfnkl - Hey Mama
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Текст песни Sonny Flame, Unklfnkl - Hey Mama
I thank my father for the person that I am today
He and my mama gave me everything I have today
He came to every single game so I was glad to play
Cheering for every stolen base and every basket made
And if you’re askin' me, he really has some brains
Mom fell in love with that, and his handsome face
When I asked him any question he would answer me
I’d hang on every single word that he had to say
Man I had to be just like my dad ‘cause hey
He was the biggest rock star for a man his age
So he got me a guitar and an amp to play
And my love affair with music all began this way
So I’m channeling his passion when I fan the flames
It’s his love burning in me when I command the stage
Can’t tell you how many times I catch myself saying
«Man, that sounds like something that my dad would say»
Because you’re all that I know
And in all that I do
I’m grateful for every single thing we’ve gone through
Yeah it’s all true
And this song’s for you
I was always the annoying little brother
In my sister’s room playing with her toys when I was younger
It was boisterous and fun but it was so beyond hard
To get away with stealing all her Pokémon cards
I don’t know why we’d argue; I was fantastic
I even did her the kind favor of eating all her ChapStick
And I remember almost needing a hospital
Visit when I stuck her favorite bead in my nostril
We made golf courses out of VHS cassettes
Hit her head on the wall when she was rockin' out to Elvis
Made up a game Near & Far
And flung each other ‘round the room, you can see the scars
Still, in spite of the odds though it all ended up great
And she just graduated from the toughest college in the state
During times I miss her, I’m admiring pictures
Thinkin' I couldn’t have a more inspiring sister
And I’ll carry this name with me always
Livin' life in the way that they taught me
So don’t thank me for anything that I have done
‘Cause it’s my family that made me who I’ve become
And even though we didn’t have a lotta capital
And even though we’re kind of incompatible
Too much awesomeness for one house to hold
I’m never lost ‘cause I’ve got you all and I know
That I’m never gonna break down
I meant it when I said that I got everything okay now
I wanna see what could ever cause harm to me
When I got my mom with me
Honestly, no one compares on this Earth
Now I gotta slow it down so she can hear every word
When we moved from Japan to America
You had to be scared but you handled it very well
And when plans fell apart you were there for us, cared for us
That’s just a part of your character
Watashi no nihongo wa jyozu jyanai kedo
Boku mama tottemo daisuki dayo
So whether it’s Nihon or the American Republic
I’ll never be ashamed to hold your hand in public

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