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BONES, Lyson - MonsterMash

BONES, Lyson - MonsterMash
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  • Длительность: 01:38
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  • Дата релиза: 25.02.2023

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Текст песни BONES, Lyson - MonsterMash
Smokin' it back to back, uh
Fuck all your platinum plaques, uh
I don't see nothing, boy, fuck a discussion
I'm creepin' up through the back, uhh
Cold white skin (Skin)
Buggy eyed Benz (Benz)
I don't want your bitch but I bet she gon' fuck my friends
Amen, check mate
Take your life then I skate
(?) with the iced neck, looking like a ring (Ring)
Live in effect ('fect)
Fuck around and get wrecked (Wrecked)
When she see a skull, all she think about is SESH (What)
Skeleton gang (Gang)
Death up on my brain (Brain)
If you in my range, I'ma bang, that's a stain
I'ma boogie to the left, I'ma groove to the right
Monster mash on the gas, green light, outta sight
Baby, it's my party, I'ma die if I want, bitch
Action when I'm yellin', read the script and play your part bitch
Somewhere in the dark bitch, dwellin', just a carcass
Headstone, here lies Bones, the prince of darkness
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