I-La - Party

I-La - Party
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Текст песни I-La - Party

L.A., L.A .(L.A., L.A.)
No work, all play
Every day in L.A
And those 9-5s
You gotta say bye-bye
Sipping on Mai Tais
With no tie
Lovin' these mamas, they ain't have no ties
But sometimes the city don't treat me right
But I love her anyway, 'cuz we party all night
And the way she moves
She got a bad attitude
Nasty ways, but she makes it look cute
If you could find me rollin' on the P.C.H
Sealin' with some baby, on my four fifty-eight
Got a real thick hind sittin' next to me
Got her hand in my lap saying "Ay Papi"
And the money and the fame like a moth to the flame
But baby anything, I'm-a love you just the same

I've got a thing for you
You're the type of drug I could be addicted to
I've got a thing for you
L.A., L.A

I've got a thing for you

Round and round, let the city turn
Party in the hills, we can party in the burbs
Roof on fire, let it burn
Champagne in my hand, I'm not concerned
Next day fine, I'm try'na get live
Yoga in the morning at Rodeo Drive
Gotta look good when I hit the beach
Wanna wanna Malibu, just can't speed
Stuck in traffic, still lookin' fly
With the sun in my eye
Lovin' every minute of this L.A livin'
'Cuz there ain't no limit

I've got a thing for you
A-a-a-are, a-a-a-are, are you ready?

His head is as big life in the hills
Forget your dreams, it must be fulfilled
The city's so full of hopes and dreams
If you look real close, it's busting at the seams
No casting couch, I got my own pad
You can sell your soul, I bought my own bags
Cattle calls may break my balls
Droppin' names never hurt me, see
Gold is how, through streets of hay [?]
15 minutes with a chance of fame
Ask anybody and you'll know they'll say
They all wanna live and die in L.A!

[Bridge x2]
I've got a thing for you
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