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TiaCorine - FreakyT

TiaCorine - FreakyT
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  • Длительность: 03:14
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  • Дата релиза: 03.01.2023

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Текст песни TiaCorine - FreakyT
Yeah (Oh, yeah)
Uh (Honorable C.N.O.T.E, oh, yeah)
Yeah (Honorable, oh-oh, yeah)
Uh (Oh, yeah)

Look at me, what she wanna be, call me Freaky T (Oh, yeah)
Off the leash, I feel like a dog, I get hella flee (Ruff, ruff, ruff)
Keep it P, never needed you, but you needed me (Oh)
I got cream, make a bitty cling, boost your self-esteem (Oh)
I get top in the mornin', so I feel like Baby Keem (Oh, yeah)
Force's black, step on somethin', so I dress like Baby D (Oh)
Bitch, I'm cold, pussy ice, so now you know it's givin' cream (Oh, yeah)
I got hoes, one is not еnough, come build a nigga team (Oh)

I need chips, I told that nigga dip (Oh, yeah)
Glocky likе a baby, carry that on my hip
I just need a sip, 'cause shawty got me pissed (Oh, yeah)
Better fall back 'fore I give that bitch a lisp
Money on my house, give a fuck about my wrist (Oh, yeah)
Said he can't be touched, bet I make that nigga it (Huh?)
I know that I'm rich, but that's my project bitch, mm
Loyalty means somethin' to my bitch, she won't switch

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