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Bad Bunny, Bomba Estéreo - Ojitos Lindos

Bad Bunny, Bomba Estéreo - Ojitos Lindos
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  • Дата релиза: 03.01.2023

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Текст песни Bad Bunny, Bomba Estéreo - Ojitos Lindos
I have listened to my heart for a long time
And the days and months pass, thinking of your smell (Your smell, your smell)
The time has come to start reasoning
Before it's too late and I accidentally break in half (Break in half)

Before the sun comes up, step on the gas
Even if you don't have a brake and lose control
It'll only be us two, you and I caressing each other
In the midst of time, not saying goodbye

And just look at me with those pretty eyes
'Cause with that, I am finе, today I have been reborn

I haven't hеld somebody's hand in a while
I haven't sent a "Good morning, I love you" in a while
But you've got me entangled, I got involved
I was on my own way and I got lost (Ayy, ayy)
My gaze changed when I saw your eyes (Your eyes)
Bye-bye to the booties, I didn't even say goodbye to them
I didn't look for you, no, we bumped into each other through our path
Your soul is the one I connect with (Street)
Stay calm, it doesn't have to be perfect, no
There are no sins here and making mistakes is beautiful
Mistakes are pleasures, just like all your little kisses

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