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SZA - Big Boys (Speed Up)

SZA - Big Boys (Speed Up)
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  • Длительность: 02:29
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  • Дата релиза: 28.12.2022

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Текст песни SZA - Big Boys (Speed Up)
It's cuffin' season
And now we've got a reason
To get a big boy, I need a big boy
Give me a big boy (Big, b-big, b-big, big boy)
It's cuffin' season
And all the girls are leavin'
To get a big boy (Big boy), I need a big boy (Big boy)
I want a big boy
[Verse 1: Keke Palmer]
I need a big boy w-wit' polar bear arms
Keeps me warm in a winter snow storm
Wind chill is bitin' but his jackets are zipped
He bring in my groceries in just one trip

Till the sun comes back, I need a big boy hottie
Makes his own heat with his big boy body
For the next three months, skinny boys is dead
Forget a six-pack, I need the whole damn keg
Big boy w-with a big ole back

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