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Shawn Mendes - Imagination

Shawn Mendes - Imagination
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Текст песни Shawn Mendes - Imagination
Oh, there she goes again, every morning it's the same
You walk on by my house, I wanna call out your name
I wanna tell you how beautiful you are from where I'm standin'
You got me thinkin' what we could be 'cause

I keep craving, craving, you don't know it but it's true
Can't get my mouth to say the words they wanna say to you
This is typical of love, I can't wait anymore, won't wait
I need to tell you how I feel when I see us together forever

In my dreams you're with me, we'll be everything I want us to be
And from there, who knows?
Maybe this will be the night that we kiss for the first time
Or is that just me and my imagination?

We walk, we laugh, we spend our time walking by the ocean side
Our hands are gently intertwined, a feeling I just can't describe
And all this time we spent alone thinkin' we cannot belong
To something so damn beautiful, so damn beautiful

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